A Lecture on Non-immigrant Visa Proceedings and Limitations

On 6 November 2019, officers from Chiang Rai Immigration led by Inspector of Chiang Rai Immigration, Pol.Lt.Col. Ruengchai Ruengpaisan visited Mae Fah Luang University to give the special lecture on ‘Non-Immigrant Visa Proceedings and limitations’ and introduce a new mobile application ‘Immigration eServices For Foreigner’ allowing foreigners to do a 90-day report via smartphone.

This lecture helped promote the better understanding of immigration rules and regulations especially on visa extension, 90-day report, re-entry permit, notification of residence and overstaying for international students, staff and persons who are responsible of immigration matters.  The immigration officers emphasized that all international students and staff must strictly follow the immigration rules and regulation while they are staying in Thailand.

If international students have question about visa procedure or immigration issue, please feel free to contact the Global Relations Division. We will provide the updated information for you to ensure that you will live and learn at MFU happily. Furthermore, if you want to contact the immigration office, there are two offices. The main office is located in Mae Sai district, and the branch office is located close to the airport. 

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