MFU Young University Leaders

To strengthen management skills for MFU executives, the “MFU Young University Leaders” has been organized by the Global Relations Division from 9 January – May 2020 at Mae Fah Laung University.

The four-month programme has been initiated to help young executives prepare for leadership roles by helping them develop knowledge and skills in strategically planning, university policies and regulations, leadership, human resources development, and internationalization. This project also aims to enhancing the networks between participants from different departments.

This programme is divided into five parts; workshop training, study visit, group work, group work presentation, and project management. Furthermore, this leadership workshop has brought together 27 young executive members from 13 Schools including the School of Management, the School of Sinology, the School of Law, the School of Science, the School of Health Science, the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Agro-industry, the School of Information Technology, the School of Integrative Medicine, the School of Social Innovation, the School of Cosmetic Science, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing. 

During the interactive group work, participants have an abundance of opportunities to exchange their perspectives and work together towards new projects or strategies to develop practical solutions that are suitable for promoting an efficient university administration and improving academic management.

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