MFU Cooperates with AIS in Setting up PM2.5 Monitoring Devices in Chiang Rai

To monitor and cope with PM2.5 pollution problem in Chiang Rai province, the Center of Excellence in AI and Emerging Technologies (AIE), the School of Information Technology in collaboration with the Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) have developed “M-Care”, a PM2.5 measuring device using the Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and DEVIO NB-SHIELD I.

In recent years, people in the Upper Northern Provinces have been suffering a huge volume of PM2.5 pollution for several weeks.   The hazardous dust level has made negative health, environmental and economic impacts on the local people. Therefore, MFU and AIS have invented a PM2.5 measuring device to help people prevent and protect their health. The devices are set up in 11 areas in Thasud Subdistrict, Chiang Rai province (as a pilot project). With these devices, people can monitor the real-time air pollution index via the online monitoring system:

Altogether, this multi-sectoral cooperation shows the achievement in developing technologicalinnovation in response to environmental issue as well as in pushing smart city schemes forward. MFU will continue to contribute to sustainable pollution control and improving air quality in Chiang Rai and the nearby regions.

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