Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Cancellation of Classroom-Based Teaching and Examinations

This information sheet answers common questions about the cancellation of classroom-based teaching, midterm examination and final examination.


Q1: Can I go back to my home country?

A1: Yes, you can. Due to the situation of PM2.5 and COVID19, students can make the decision to go back to your home country and must ensure the accessibility of online courses (internet and online platforms). Also, when you come back, you need to comply with the notification of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand at international students are required to inform your decision on going back to the GRD by completing the request form (duringCOVID-19 situation) before you leave at 


Q2: Can I stay in Thailand?

A2: Yes, you can. Students can stay in Chiang Rai or other provinces in Thailand but you need to inform your decision to the GRD by completing the request form (during COVID-19 situation) and strictly follow social distancing policy--- stay home, avoid crowds and refrain from touching one another. Also, students who want to stay on campus during the semester break, please inform your dormitory staff for room arrangement.


Q3: Are there no classroom-based teaching on campus?

A3: Yes, all classroom-based teachings are cancelled. But  there are alternative teaching methods such as online course and small group assignment to ensure that your academic progress is not interrupted. Any further questions about the course, please contact directly to your lecturer.


Q4: Is the Exit Exam postponed?

A4: No, it is not. The exit exam will be conducted online on the date and times scheduled by the University.


Q5: Will we have the midterm and final exams?

A5: The course assessment will be conducted appropriately by an individual lecturer.


Q6: Will universitys services be closed?

A6: No, all divisions, the Schools and services are operational as usual.


Q7: Where can I stay to avoid PM2.5 pollution?

A7: The University provides the safe zone at library with air purifier for 24 hours.


MFU would like to ask for your cooperation to strictly follow social distancing policy--- stay home, avoid crowds and refrain from touching one another. For those who travel in Thailand and abroad during this period, please be safe and be mindful of your own health. 

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