MFU Innovation Day 2020

     On 13 November 2020, MFU Innovation Day 2020 and the opening ceremony of Food Maker Spacewere held byMae Fah Luang University Research and Innovation Institute consisting of the Research Administration Division and the Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Office.

     The opening ceremony of MFU Innovation Day 2020 were presided over by the Vice Minister, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Mr. Samran Rodpetch and the President of MFU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chayaporn Wattanasiri.

     The President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chayaporn Wattanasiri stated that this event was held to showcase and disseminate MFU’s innovations and research to government organisations, private sector and entrepreneurs in order to establish the collaboration in the future. Since 1998, MFU has followed missions to accumulate knowledge, conduct research, promote innovation and research for commercial purposes as well as transfer those knowledge and innovation to improve people’s quality of life.

     Moreover, with the support from Food Innopolis, the National Science and Technology Development Agency, MFU has established the Food Maker Space to provide accessible space for private organization/entrepreneurs to learn and develop prototypes especially for tea and coffee products.

     This event also featured the talk about “Food Makerspace: Idea to Product’ by CEO of the Food Innopolis, Asst. Prof. Dr. Akkharawit Kanjana-Opas; the presentation of MFU INNo Prize 2020; a seminar on ‘Cooperation for implementing innovation to drive business development’; Sip Talk: ‘you and I grow together’; and Tea Blending & Coffee Cupping Workshop.

     In addition, there were booths showing innovations and products from the entrepreneurs who got innovation support from the University as well as the exhibition of over 35 MFU’s innovations and research in the fields of cosmetic sciences, medicinal plants, materials science and medicine for example the wildfire and dust level assessment with a UAV system, a high pressure processing of healthy ‘Nanglae’ pineapple juice, a Nanoguard (facial mask for preventing COVID-19 transmission and PM 2.5 pollution), a medication alert using mobile platform for tuberculosis patient and etc.

     Altogether, the event attracted a mass of people including students, lecturers, government organisations, private sector, entrepreneurs and the general public. This definitely was one of the great stages for MFU experts and entrepreneurs to share their experience and showcase their products as well as inspire creativity and innovation in MFU students.

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