The Center of Excellence in Fungal Research (CEFR)


To become a leading fungal research center in Thailand, Asia and the world


  • Conducting research in areas of fungal diversity, function and global change, taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of fungi, plant pathology and endophytes, mushroom cultivation, chemical discovery from fungi, and community service
  • Housing a regional culture collection and herbarium for Thailand
  • Developing allied research in mushroom products and agricultural products using unique cultures
  • Training new mycologists in term of taxonomy and phylogeny of fungi, mushroom science, agricultural use from fungi
  • Providing valuable workshops for regional participants

Director of the Center

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Kevin David Hyde
Expertise : Taxonomy, phylogeny and biodiversity of fungi

Outstanding Works

  • The Center publishes more than 100 SCI research articles in reputed journals each year. 
  • The Center introduced more than 700 new species of Thai fungi, as 65% of fungal studies in Thailand from CEFR.
  • The Center has 10000 strain in MFLUCC and 20000 in fungarium that very high biodiversity for industrial use and many novel mushrooms for industrial cultivation.
  • More than 25 PhD and 6 MS graduates from CEFR (between 2011-2018).
  • Presently, the center has more than 65 PhD students and recruiting at least ten new PhD scholars in each year. 
  • The Center is proposing to organize training workshops for regional participants in key areas such as community development, mushroom cultivation and production, pathogenic fungal identification.


Center of Excellence in Fangal Research (CEFR)
Tel: +66(0) 5391 6961