Research Unit on Border Area Law and Development (ReBALD)


  1. To jointly develop strong and outstanding research of the School of Law in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Plan and the National Strategy on Border Area Development as Chiang Rai province is an economic gateway to connect the region via land, water, and sea.
  2. To develop the capability and expertise in legal matters related to border area development in various areas such as economy, trade, security, environment etc among new generation of researchers.
  3. To produce research in the form of a presentation, publications of academic works and related research, which may be adapted to solve problems and develop border areas.
  4. To create a management mechanism for research and integration of research related to border areas problems, as well as to apply knowledge for teaching and learning.
  5. To create cooperation in conducting research on issues related to border area development with institutions/organizations both domestically and internationally.



Creating research papers and academic articles on laws and border area development, as well as establishing cooperation with other organizations/institutions for border area development


Head of Research Unit

Dr. Yodsapon Nitiruchirot
Tel: +668 2061 6688


Outstanding Work



Type of work



Legal Measures for Supporting and Developing the Inter-states Transportation between

Thailand and Myanmar on Chiang Rai-Tachilek Route Located in

Mae Sai Special Economic Zone, Chiang Rai


The aim of this research project is to study the Legal Measures for supporting and developing the inter-states transportation between Thailand and the Union of Myanmar on Chiang Rai-Tachilek route located in Mae Sai Special Economic Zone Chiang Rai.





Dr. Yodsapon Nitiruchirot
Tel: +668 2061 6688