School and Division

   Email Telephone
Scientific and Technological Instruments Centre 0-5391-6218
Learning Resource and Educational Media Centre 0-5391-6315-6
Centre for Information Technology Services 0-5391-6411
Centre for Academic Services 0-5391-6450
Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Centre 0-5391-7097

Academic Office
  Email Telephone
Registrar Division 0-5391-6544-5
     Admissions 0-5391-6103-6
Research Services Division 0-5391-6389
Student Development Affairs Division 0-5391-6376-7
     Dormitory dormitory.studentaffair
Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development Division 0-5391-6407
Placement and Co-Operative Education Division 0-5391-6366
International Affairs Division 0-5391-6026
MFU Sport Complex Centre 0-5391-7820
Postgraduate Studies Office 0-5391-6137-8
Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Development Office 0-5391-7003
Living and Learning Support Centre 0-5391-6167
Academic Extension and Development Office 0-5391-6522
Mae Fah Luang University Hospital 0-5391-7563

Central Administrative Office
  Email Telephone
Correspondence, Document, and Legal Affairs Division 0-5391-6037
Personnel Division 0-5391-6020-1
Public Relations Division 0-5391-6001
Procurement and Supplies Division 0-5391-6043
Finance and Accounting Division 0-5391-6011
Policy and Planning Division 0-5391-6032-3
Building and Grounds Division 0-5391-6920
Bangkok Coordinating Office 02-679-0038

University Council Office
  Email Telephone
University Council Office council 0- 5391-6081
     Internal Auditing Division 0-5391-6009

Property and Asset Management Office
  Email Telephone
Property and Asset Management Office 0-5391-6029-30
     MFU Book Centre (M-Store) 0-5391-7020-4
     Wanasom 0-5360-3600
     Wanawes 0-5391-7899

Special Unit
  Email Telephone
Tea Institute 0-5391-6253
Centre of Excellence in Fungal Research 0-5391-6961,

Project / Project on Establishment
  Email Telephone
French-Upper Mekong Sub-region Academic Cooperation Centre 0-5391-6845
MFU Botanical Garden 0-5391-6470

Academic Service Unit
  Email Telephone
Mae Fah Luang University Hospital, Bangkok 02-664-2295

Other Unit
  Email Telephone
Centre of Excellence in Natural Products Innovation excellent_center
Information Management Unit 0-5391-6532-33,
Mekong Basin Civilization Museum 0-5391-7067