School and Division

Scientific and Technological Instruments 0-5391-6218
Learning Resource and Educational Media
Centre for Information Technology
Centre for Academic Services 0-5391-6450
Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture 0-5391-7097

Academic Office
Registrar Division
Research Services Division
Student Development Affairs Division
     Dormitory dormitory.studentaffair
Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development Division
Placement and Co-Operative Education Division
Global Relations Division
MFU Sport Complex Centre
Postgraduate Studies
Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Development Office
Living and Learning Support Centre
Academic Extension and Development Office
Mae Fah Luang University Hospital

Central Administrative Office
Correspondence, Document, and Legal Affairs Division 0-5391-6037
Personnel Division 0-5391-6020-1
Public Relations Division 0-5391-6001
Procurement and Supplies Division 0-5391-6043
Finance and Accounting Division 0-5391-6011
Policy and Planning Division 0-5391-6032-3
Building and Grounds Division 0-5391-6920
Bangkok Coordinating Office 02-679-0038

University Council Office
University Council Office council 5391-6081
     Internal Auditing

Property and Asset Management Office
Property and Asset Management
     MFU Book Centre (M-Store)

Special Unit
Tea Institute 0-5391-6253
Centre of Excellence in Fungal Research 0-5391-6961,

Project / Project on Establishment
French-Upper Mekong Sub-region Academic Cooperation Centre 0-5391-6845
MFU Botanical Garden 0-5391-6470

Academic Service Unit
Mae Fah Luang University Hospital,

Other Unit
Centre of Excellence in Natural Products Innovation excellent_center
Information Management,
Mekong Basin Civilization