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The School aims to produce doctors; giving emphasis to family and community medicine. Focusing on the care of patients, family and the community holistically, combining medical scientific subjects with behavioural and social sciences, including integrating the teaching and research and focusing primarily on the results of treatment and the quality of life of the patients.

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    • Medicine


Dr.Keerati Wanchai

Dr.Keerati Wanchai


Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6576


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, Chiang Mai University, Thailand (2018)
  • Master of Science in Physiology, Mahidol University, Thailand (2011)
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (First class honors with golden medal), Rangsit University, Thailand (2007)

  • Renal physiology
  • Cellular and molecular mechanism of epithelial transportation
  • Obesity, diabetes and gut microbiota
  • Prebiotic, Probiotic and Synbiotic

Probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei HII01 protects rats against obese-insulin resistance-induced kidney injury and impaired renal organic anion transporter 3 function. Clin Sci (Lond) 2018;132(14): 1545-1563. Wanchai K, Yasom S, Tunapong W, Chunchai T, Eaimworawuthikul S,Thiennimitr P, Chaiyasut C, Pongchaidecha A, Chatsudthipong V, Chattipakorn S, Chattipakorn N,Lungkaphin A. Probiotic PMID: 29980603

Prebiotic prevents impaired kidney and renal Oat3 functions in obese rats. J Endocrinol 2018;237(1): 29-42. Wanchai K, Yasom S, Tunapong W, Chunchai T, Thiennimitr P, Chaiyasut C,Pongchaidecha A, Chatsudthipong V, Chattipakorn S, Chattipakorn N, Lungkaphin PMID: 29483238

Role of Gastrointestinal Microbiota on Kidney Injury and the Obese Condition. AJMS 2017;353(1): 59–69. (Review article) Wanchai K, Pongchaidecha A, Chatsudthipong V, Siriporn C.Chattipakorn, Chattipakorn N and Lungkaphin A.
PMID: 28104104

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School of Medicine

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