No.University NameLevelCountry
1 Management Center InnsbruckUniversityAustria
2 Management Center Innsbruck Student Exchange Agreement: Tourism Business StudiesSchool of ManagementAustria
3 Medical University of Innsbruck (Agreement on Student Exchange)School of MedicineAustria
4 Medical University of Innsbruck (MoU)UniversityAustria
5 The Department of Traditional Medicine Services, Ministry of HealthUniversityBhutan
6 Phnom Penh International UniversityUniversityCambodia
7 Royal University of AgricultureUniversityCambodia
8 The University of CambodiaUniversityCambodia
9 Queen's University at KingstonUniversityCanada
10 Beijing Foreign Studies UniversityUniversityChina
11 Beijing Language and Culture UniversityUniversityChina
12 Center for Mountain Ecosystem Studies, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of SciencesCenter of Excellence in Fungal ResearchChina
13 College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University (MoA)School of SinologyChina
14 College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University (MoU for Academic Cooperation and Exchange)School of SinologyChina
15 Confucius Institute Headquarters of ChinaUniversityChina
16 Dali UniversityUniversityChina
17 Fudan UniversityUniversityChina
18 Guangxi UniversityUniversityChina
19 Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Institutional Agreement)School of Health ScienceChina
20 Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (MoU)UniversityChina