No.University NameLevelCountry
121 Chonnam National UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
122 College of Science, Sungkyunkwan University (Agreement for Student Exchange)Schoolof ScienceSouth Korea
123 College of Science, Sungkyunkwan University (Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation)School of ScienceSouth Korea
124 Duksung Women’s UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
125 Incheon International Airport CoorperationUniversitySouth Korea
126 Incheon National UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
127 Inha University (MOU)UniversitySouth Korea
128 Inha University (Student Exchange Agreement)UniversitySouth Korea
129 Korea Aerospace UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
130 Kyonggi UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
131 Sejong University (MoU)School of Agro-IndustrySouth Korea
132 Sejong University (Student Exchange Agreement)School of Agro-IndustrySouth Korea
133 The College of Biomedical Sciences, Kangwon National UniversitySchool of Science, School of Cosmetics Science, School of Anti-Aging and Regenerative MedicineSouth Korea
134 Trilateral Memorandum of Understanding among Dusit Thani College, Jeju National University, and Mae Fah Luang UniversityUniversitySouth Korea
135 FHS. St. Gallen University of Applied SciencesUniversitySwitzerland
136 FHS. St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences (Exchange Agreement)UniversitySwitzerland
137 Asia UniversityUniversityROC (Taiwan)
138 China Medical UniversitySchool of Integrative MedicineROC (Taiwan)
139 College of Engineering, National Taipei University of TechnologySchool of ScienceROC (Taiwan)
140 Feng Chia UniversityUniversityROC (Taiwan)