School of Cosmetic Science

Dr.Thapakorn Tree-udom

Dr.Thapakorn Tree-udom

Lecturer in Cosmetic Science Programme 

Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6829


Ph.D. Nanoscience and Technology, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
M.Sc. Petrochemistry and Polymer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
B.Sc. Chemistry, Kasetsart University, Thailand



  • Nanoparticles for cosmetic application
  • Controlled release technology
  • Innovative materials for cosmetics


  • Prof. Dr. Tab Nilanidhi foundation award based on the first rank of Petrochemistry and Polymer science program, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University.
  • Best poster presentation award in the title of “Fragranced chitosan nanoparticles: Schiff base formation and self-assembling” in the 7th International Symposium on Advanced Materials in Asia-Pacific (7th ISAMAP). 


Seemork, J.; Sansureerungsikul, T.; Sathornsantikun, K.; Sinthusake, T.; Shigyou, K.; Tree-Udom, T.; Jiangchareon,B.; Chiablaem, K.; Lirdprapamongkol, K.; Svasti, J.; Hamada, T.; Palaga, T.; Wanichwecharungruang, S., Penetration of Oxidized Carbon Nanospheres through Lipid Bilayer Membrane: Comparison to Graphene Oxide and Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes, and Effects of pH and Membrane Composition. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8 (36), 23549-23557.

Tree-Udom,  T.;  Seemork,  J.;  Shigyou,  K.;  Hamada,  T.;  Sangphech,  N.;  Palaga, T.; Insin, N.; Pan-In, P.; Wanichwecharungruang, S., Shape effect on particle-lipid 
bilayer  membrane  association,  cellular  uptake,  and cytotoxicity.  ACS  Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7 (43), 23993-24000. 

Tree-Udom,  T.;  Thamyongkit,  P.;  Wiratkasem,  N.;  Chanchao,  C.;  Palaga,  T.; Insin,  N.;  Rengpipat,  S.;  Pienpinijtham,  P.;  Wanichwecharungruang,  S., Harmonization of upconverting nanocrystals and photosensitizer for antimicrobial application. RSC Advances 2015, 5 (124), 102416-102423.