School of Health Science

The School aims to produce graduates in health sciences of high professional and ethical quality, and continuing to develop its teaching and research to surpass international standards that combine the excellence of traditional knowledge and local wisdom with the most modern alternative techniques.

List of All Study Programmes

  • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Environmental Health
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Public Health
    • Sports and Health Science
  • Master’s Degree
    • Border Health Management
    • Health and Biomedical Analytics
  • Doctoral Degree
    • Public Health


Dr.Niwed Kullawong

Dr.Niwed Kullawong

Lecturer in Biomedical Technology and Health Analytics Programme

Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6913


  • Ph.D.     Molecular Genetics & Genetic Engineering, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • M.Sc.     Molecular Genetics & Genetic Engineering, Mahidol University, Thailand  
  • B.Sc.      Medical Technology, Chiang Mai University, Thailand    

  • Genetic Engineering
  • Human Gut Microbiome

Gruneck, L., Kullawong, N., Kespechara, K., Popluechai, S.*, (2020) Gut microbiota of obese and diabetic Thai subjects and interplay with dietary habits and blood profiles. PeerJ 8:e9622

Jinatham, V., Kullawong, N., Kespechara, K., Gentekaki, E. & Popluechai, S.*(2018) Comparison of gut microbiota between lean and obese adult Thai individuals, Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 46(3), 277โ€“287

Yowang, A., Tsaousis, A., Chumphonsuk, T., Thongsin, N., Kullawong, N., Popluechai, S. & Gentekaki, E.* (2018) High diversity and variable geographic distribution of Blastocystis subtypes isolated from adults living in Thailand. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 65, 270-275

Upala, P., Suttana, W., Kullawong, N., Tamornpark, R., Inta, C., Apidechkul, T.* (2018) Molecular epidemiology and clinical features of hand foot mouth disease in Northern Thailand in 2016: A prospective cohort study. BMC Infectious Disease 18:630


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