No.University NameLevelCountry
61 Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University (Agreement on Academic Exchange Programme for Students)School of Agro-IndustryJapan
62 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yamagata UniversitySchool of Social InnovationJapan
63 Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima UniversitySchool of Social InnovationJapan
64 Graduate School of Agriculture, Shinshu University (Agreement for Double Degree Programme)School of Agro-IndustryJapan
65 Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University (Agreement for a Double Master's Degree Programme)School of Agro-IndustryJapan
66 Hiroshima UniversityUniversityJapan
67 IDEC, Hiroshima University (MoA on Collaboration for the Implementation of a Double Master's Degree Programme)School of Social InnovationJapan
68 Juntendo UniversityUniversityJapan
69 Meio University (Cooperation Agreement)UniversityJapan
70 Meio University (MoU on International Exchange Programme)UniversityJapan
71 Nagaoka University of Technology (Addendum for the exchange of students)UniversityJapan
72 Nagaoka University of Technology (Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Exchange)UniversityJapan
73 Takasaki City University of EconomicsUniversityJapan
74 The Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University (Addendum fo the Exchange of Students)School of ScienceJapan
75 The Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University (Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Exchange)School of ScienceJapan
76 Tokyo University of Marine Science and TechnologyUniversityJapan
77 Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Science and TechnologyUniversityLaos
78 Universiti Putra MalaysiaUniversityMalaysia
79 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)UniversityMalaysia
80 University of MauritiusUniversityMauritius